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Were you exposed to jet injector vaccinations during your military service? If so, you are at risk of blood-borne pathogens, such has hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV.

First and foremost, thank you for your service in defending our great nation and protecting our way of life.

Jet injectors are vaccination devices that administer vaccines by using a pressurized, fine jet stream that penetrates the skin delivering medicament percutaneously—under the skin. Although these devices do not consist of any needles or syringes, the percutaneous exposure created by the jet stream allows for the cross contamination of blood and blood-borne pathogens, such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV.

It is my hope in creating this site that I can extend in giving a voice to a cause whose aim is to correct an injustice and engage in the betterment of Veterans Affairs care. Through these efforts, it is my hope that veterans’ afflicted by jet injectors are no longer rejected and neglected but are treated with the respect and dignity they have earned, and are provided with the utmost care and most beneficial medicines.

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new 1995 Film Captured Bleeding During Mass Military Jet Injections – Click to see video

Jet Injector Basics:
What Is A Jet Injector?

VA Claims & Research:
How to Structure A Jet Injector Claim
Military Jet Gun Injections Transmitted Hepatitis: An Assessment of VA Claims
VA’s Double Standard: VA Recognizes Non-military Exposures as Risk Factors Despite the Lack of Scientific Proof
VBA’s Adjudication Procedure Manual (M21-1) Recognizes Jet Injectors as a Possible Risk Factor
VA Correspondence Recognizes Jet Injectors as Possible Risk Factor for Hepatitis C
On Appeal: Countering the Fallacious Opinions of VA Staff
Inconsistent Renderings in VA: Comparing Granted vs. Denied Jet Injector Claims
Research Shows, Jet Gun Injectors are a Risk Factor for Veterans Hepatitis C
Flawed VA Studies on Hepatitis C Risk Factors
A Risk Factor is a Risk Factor…

Types of Military Jet Injectors
Hypospsray Multidose
Ped-O-Jet: Research Documented Presence of Blood & Risk of Hepatitis

CDC’s Jet Injector Studies:
• CDC’s Unpublished Jet Injector Studies – Part 1
• CDC Secretly Conducted Safety Testing of Jet Injectors in 1977
 Jake the Chimpanzee – In Vivo Experiments
• December of 1977 Summary
• Part 2 – CDC Retests the Safety of Jet Injectors in 1986
• Impact of the 1985 Outbreak

• Part 3 – CDC Retests the Safety of Jet Injectors in 1993-94
• CDC’s Animal and Mathematical Models
• Analyzing CDC’s 1994 Conclusion

• Impact of CDC’s 1993-94 Unpublished Study – Part I
Impact of CDC’s 1993-94 Unpublished Study – Part II
• CDC Evaluates the Risk of Multi-Use Nozzle Jet Injectors

Faulty Design Created Inherent Risks
• Splash-Back
Mitragotri’s Photographic Evidence – Splash-Back was Inevitable
Research Documented Splash-back
• Retrograde Flow
Research Documented Retrograde Flow
Jet Injector Manufacturers Acknowledge Retrograde Flow
• Fluid Suck-back
Research Documented Fluid Suck-back
• Conclusion

Corroborating Evidence:
• The Downfall of Ped-O-Jet Injectors Within the U.S. Military
Military Footage Captured Recruit Jet Injector Vaccinations
Hepatitis Transmitted Through Protector Cap of Jet Injector
Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Parts 1-7
• Secretary McDonald Recalls His Own Bloody Military Jet Injections
What Has Changed Within These Photos?
Army’s 1959 Introduction of the Ped-O-Jet Injector
Ped-O-Jet Inventor Admits Hepatitis Transmission Possible
1970 DoD Report Warns of Bleeding Following Jet Injections
Military Corpsmen Checked For Bleeders Following Jet Injections

• Ped-O-Jet Withdrawal Letter to DoD Over Risk of Disease Transmission
1962 – Eli Lilly Warns of Hepatitis Transmission Via Jet Injection
“Slight bleeding does occur in at least 10 per cent” of Jet Injections
1963 Film Captured Bleeding During Mass Military Jet Injections
• “Flu Inoculations Lead to AIDS Scare” in Military Installment
Invaluable Resources Demonstrate MUNJIs Are Inherently Unsafe—Thanks to Dr. Weniger
Seeing is believing: A Close-up of the Bifurcated Needle
1971 NIH Conference Recognizes Bloody Jet Injectors Pose Risk For Hepatitis
Government Jet Injector Webpages Unveiled: ‘404 Not Found Errors’ No More
• Vietnam Era Recruits Exposed to Experimental Vaccinations
1966 CDC Oblivious to Risk of Bleeding During Smallpox & Measles Ped-O-Jet Vaccinations
Brazilian Government Notes Risk of Ped-O-Jet Injectors: Prompts Investigations by CDC and WHO in the Early 1990s
WHO Assesses the Safety of Jet Injectors

1992 Navy Report Documenting Ped-O-Jet Injections Caused Soldiers to Bleed Vanishes
Inherent Faults of the Ped-O-Jet
Dr. Sabin Warned of Hepatitis Risk From Jet Injectors in 1976
Experts Claim Cases of Jet Injector Transmission Would Not be Documented
FDA Reviews Jet Injector Safety

PATH’s Fluorescein Testing on Ped-O-Jet Injectors
1967 Military Specification Reveals DoD Was Cognizant of Fluid Suck-Back & Bleeding With Military Jet Injectors
Revisiting Ismach’s 1959 Patent Reveals Ped-O-Jet was Unsterile

1995 Film Captured Bleeding During Mass Military Jet Injections

Jet Injector Manufacturer Recognizes Cross-Contamination Amongst Armed Forces Personnel

Fallen Heroes:
Fallen Heroes- In Memoriam
Fallen Heroes- We Miss You Dad!

Jet Infectors – Chapter 1:
Jet Infectors Chapter 1 – Parts 1-3

Printable Materials

The following presentations are not only to educate but assist you with your VA claim. Feel free to download these files and print hardcopies to include in your claims file.

1. How Do Jet Injectors Work? (file size 1.9 mb)

2. Inherent Problems With Jet Injectors (file size 2.5 mb)

3. Scientific Studies Report Bleeding (file size 2.8 mb)

4. Military Jet Injectors (file size 5 mb)

5. Improper Procedures Increased Risk (file size 7.6 mb)

6. Jet Injectors / HCV Nexus (file size 1.9 mb)

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