Mass Jet Gun Immunizations


Jet Injectors were used in mass immunization programs across the United States and around the world for over five decades! Multi-Use Nozzle Jet Injectors and Protector Cap Needle-free Injectors, pictured below, should not be used for immunizations due to the risk of transferring blood and disease. Newer model devices, known as Disposable-Cartridge Jet Injectors, eliminate the risks posed by previous generation jet injectors.

Jet Infectors aims to:
• Bring awareness to the risks and hazards of jet injectors.
• Ban the use of Multi-Use Nozzle Jet Injectors and Protector Cap Needle-free Injectors.
• Identify other incidences where mass jet injector vaccination campaigns transmitted pathogens.

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this website supports anti-vaccination or should be construed to support anti-vaccination. So far the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines have worked remarkably. If you have questions or concerns about any vaccine consult your family physician.

• What Is A Jet Injector?

Civilian Usage

Evidence of Improper Use
Babies and Breadwinners: 1961 Mass Polio Vaccination Campaign
Archival Footage Captured Nozzles Were Not Wiped – Part 1
Archival Footage Captured Nozzles Were Not Wiped – Part 2

Historical Documents Warn of Blood and Hepatitis
Ped-O-Jet Inventor Admits Hepatitis Transmission Possible
“Slight bleeding does occur in at least 10 per cent” of Jet Injections
Revisiting Ismach’s 1959 Patent Reveals Ped-O-Jet was Unsterile

1962 – Eli Lilly Warns of Hepatitis Transmission Via Jet Injection
1966 CDC Oblivious to Risk of Bleeding During Smallpox & Measles Ped-O-Jet Vaccinations
Unsterile Mass Jet Injections: CDC Researchers Divulge Hazards of Ped-O-Jet Injectors During 1960s & 1970s Mass Vaccination Campaigns

1971 NIH Conference Recognizes Bloody Jet Injectors Pose Risk For Hepatitis
L.A. County Health Dept. Knew Ped-O-Jet Injectors Produced Blood in 1974
Dr. Sabin Warned of Hepatitis Risk From Jet Injectors in 1976

Nigeria Forced to Use Ped-O-Jet Injectors in 1996 Despite Fears of Spreading Hepatitis and AIDS
Nigerians Recall Mass Jet Injector Vaccinations As Children
Seeing is believing: A Close-up of the Bifurcated Needle
Concern Over Use of Protector Cap Needle-Free Injectors

Risks & Hazards of Jet Injectors

Faulty Design Created Inherent Risks
• Splash-Back
— Mitragotri’s Photographic Evidence – Splash-Back was Inevitable
Research Documented Splash-back
• Retrograde Flow
Research Documented Retrograde Flow
Jet Injector Manufacturers Acknowledge Retrograde Flow
• Fluid Suck-back
— Research Documented Fluid Suck-back
• Conclusion

• Inherent Faults of the Ped-O-Jet

Historical Investigations

CDC’s Jet Injector Studies
• CDC’s Unpublished Jet Injector Studies – Part 1
• CDC Secretly Conducted Safety Testing of Jet Injectors in 1977
 Jake the Chimpanzee – In Vivo Experiments
• December of 1977 Summary

Part 2 – CDC Retests the Safety of Jet Injectors in 1986
Critiquing CDC’s Review of the Literature
Impact of the 1985 Outbreak

Brazilian Government Notes Risk of Ped-O-Jet Injectors: Prompts Investigations by CDC and WHO in the Early 1990s
Part 3 – CDC Retests the Safety of Jet Injectors in 1993-94
CDC’s Animal and Mathematical Models
Analyzing CDC’s 1994 Conclusion
Impact of CDC’s 1993-94 Unpublished Study – Part I
Impact of CDC’s 1993-94 Unpublished Study – Part II

Downfall of Jet Injectors
CDC Evaluates the Risk of Multi-Use Nozzle Jet Injectors
WHO Assesses the Safety of Jet Injectors
FDA Reviews Jet Injector Safety
PATH’s Fluorescein Testing on Ped-O-Jet Injectors
Hepatitis Transmitted Through Protector Cap of Jet Injector
PCNFIs Fail to Prevent Contamination
Government Jet Injector Webpages Unveiled: ‘404 Not Found Errors’ No More
Invaluable Resources Demonstrate MUNJIs Are Inherently Unsafe—Thanks to Dr. Weniger
Experts Claim Cases of Jet Injector Transmission Would Not be Documented

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