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Jet Injectors were used in mass immunization programs across the United States and around the world for over five decades. Multi-Use Nozzle Jet Injectors and Protector Cap Needle-free Injectors, pictured below, should not be used due to the risk of transferring blood and disease. Newer model devices, known as Disposable-Cartridge Jet Injectors, eliminate the risks posed by previous generation jet injectors.

Jet Infectors Global Initiative aims to:

  • Bring awareness to the risks and hazards of jet injectors.
  • Ban the use of Multi-Use Nozzle Jet Injectors and Protector Cap Needle-free Injectors.
  • Identify other incidences where mass jet injector vaccination campaigns transmitted pathogens.



December 26, 2016 Concern Over Use of Protector Cap Needle-Free Injectors

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