1995 Film Captured Bleeding During Mass Military Jet Injections

A 1995 military film has recently resurfaced and is the second piece of incriminating evidence concerning military jet injections. The film, shown below, shows communal vaccinations being performed upon Air Force recruits at Lackland AFB. Most importantly though the film captured blood running down the arm of a recruit and corroborates the testimonies of thousands of veterans.

The video shows recruits being paraded past three jet injection stations. Each station administered a different vaccine. Each recruit held a cotton swab in his right hand, as shown below. This swab was used for wiping any blood or excess vaccine after each completed the firing line. Also notice the corpsman in this screenshot is looking away as he administers a shot.

Protocol dictates that when administering multiple jet injections to administer the consecutive injection above the previous vaccination so that the nozzle of the gun is not contaminated with any discharge from the vaccination site.

The photos below show a third vaccination being administered above a previous injection. This “previous injection” is evident by blood running down the recruit’s arm. This also means the jet injector that administered that previous injection is contaminated with blood. Also note that the corpsmen seem unfazed at the presence of blood during the jet injections. They didn’t clean the blood. They didn’t stop the line to swap-out the Ped-O-Jet with a sterile one.

Throughout the process, each vaccinator disregarded proper procedures and instructions: The corpsmen placed their hand on the recruits’ arms but failed to pull the recruits’ skin tightly so that the injection would be properly received. There was no swabbing of the nozzles in between injections to lessen the risk of contamination, and the corpsman failed to swap the bloody Ped-O-Jet with a sterile one. Yet despite the military’s disregard for safety procedures on recruits, the corpsman took safety precautions upon themselves by wearing latex gloves.

This film shares a lot of similarities to a 1963 film previously reported upon. The 1963 military footage captured jet injector vaccinations of Army recruits and documented blood beading on a recruit’s arm. Both films show assembly-line inoculations in which recruits received three consecutive vaccinations via jet injectors. The films also show the nozzles of the guns were not wiped, the injections were performed improperly and hastily. But most importantly, both films documented the presence of blood during the vaccinations and uphold the testimonies of countless veterans.

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