Archival Footage Captured Nozzles Were Not Wiped – Part 2

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

October 1, 2016

Yet again, here are more footage capturing mass jet injection vaccinations were never wiped in between consecutive patients.

“Point of No Return” is a 1975 film by the World Health Organization that follows a smallpox eradication team as they traverse the globe to eradicate smallpox.


Clip 1 of the video shows mass jet injection vaccinations being administered in Yugoslavia after a smallpox outbreak in the spring of 1972. The narrator states, “Within three weeks, out of a population of 21 million, they vaccinated 18 million people, including the newborn babies.” In part of the clip the vaccinators and assisting nurses are wearing latex gloves and in other clips are not. Like previous videos the clips show the administration of consecutive injections despite the lack of swabbing the tip of the jet injector.

Clip 2 of the video shows jet injections being administered rapidly with the vaccinator waving people over. The vaccinator has failed to abide by protocol by neglecting to hold the jet injector against patients’ arms for a count of three seconds. Instead, as soon as the nozzle of the injector is pressed against the skin the shot is administered and the jet injector removed.

The narrator, speaking on behalf of WHO, referred to the jet injector as “complicated although efficient machinery.”

Clip 3 of the video shows a WHO eradication campaign in Gambia. Jet injections are administered in each arm. “One arm for measles and one arm for smallpox.”

The body of evidence supports the testimonies of those who had the displeasure of experiencing such injections. Veterans columnist Roger Neumann once summed the process best by simply writing, “one shot, one line, no waiting.”
The complete video can be viewed here.

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