1963 Film Captured Bleeding During Mass Military Jet Injections

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

September 18, 2016

Here is the most incriminating evidence concerning military jet injections to date— video footage from a military base. The footage from 1963 shows assembly-line inoculations being performed improperly and hastily. Most importantly the footage captured a droplet of blood beading on the arm of a recruit and thus substantiates the claims of thousands of veterans.

This video shows recruits being paraded past three jet injection stations. Each station administered a different vaccine. The first injection station, although not visible within screenshot, is evidenced by the wheal on the top of each recruits arm. A wheal is a bulge under the surface of the skin caused by the recent deposit of injected fluid.

The camera focuses on the second jet injection station. The vaccinator administers the inoculation just below the first injection, which is incorrect. Proper procedure indicates multiple injections should not be given in the same arm but if necessary the subsequent injection should be given above the prior injection so as not to contaminate the jet injector nozzle with any vaccine fluid or blood which has run down the recruit’s arm.

Recruits then stepped forward to receive a third injection which is visible in the background.

Throughout the process, each vaccinator disregarded proper procedures and instructions: The corpsmen did not pull the recruits’ skin tightly so that the injection would be properly received. There is no swabbing of the nozzles in between injections to lessen the risk of contamination. Lastly, the corpsman failed to swap the bloody Ped-O-Jet with a sterile one.

As you watch the video, focus in on the second recruit that appears in the film. A droplet of blood oozes from the wheal upon his bicep. The photographs below help illustrate this point.

First Recruit


Followed By Second Recruit

Previous documents on jet injections have stated blood exudates from the injection site. The word exudate connotes the idea that blood seeped out slowly and steadily. Other claims by the Department of Defense purport bleeding occurred 30 seconds after an injection. This video proves otherwise.

The footage corroborates statements by corpsmen who have testified blood was present immediately following injections and a 1976 military newsletter disclosing corpsmen checked for bleeders within 10-feet following jet injections.

The complete video can be accessed on YouTube.

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