“Slight bleeding does occur in at least 10 per cent” of Jet Injections

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

June 22, 2016

In March of 1958, an article rapidly circulated within newspapers announcing the innovation of a needleless inoculating device. The article, written by columnist Dr. Herman Bundesen a distinguished member of the Chicago medical community, was supposed to foretell of an innovative medical break-through that would forever change the way vaccines were administered.

Dr. Herman Bundesen

Dr. Herman Bundesen

Unbeknownst to Dr. Bundesen, his article disclosed a major fact about mass jet injector vaccination campaigns. “Slight bleeding does occur in at least 10 per cent of those inoculated with the instrument.”

During the development and introduction of the multiple-use nozzle jet injector, made-up of all reusable parts, scientists knew that in AT LEAST 10 percent of the injections there would be SLIGHT BLEEDING. Moreover, here is evidence that scientists observed and recorded the number of bleeders following jet injections. Until now this bit of information has been suppressed.

Apply this information to later mass inoculation programs where hundreds of patients were lined-up single file. AT LEAST 10 percent bleed.

Apply this to our military personnel who where expeditiously herded through assembly-line inoculations. AT LEAST 10 percent bleed.

Despite the blatant admission to the presence of blood, the article goes on to state “no sterilization is necessary.” The hype of the device left many ignorant to the risk of blood contamination between recipients.

After further investigation, Dr. Bundesen was citing Dr. Abram Benenson’s 1959 article, Mass Immunization By Jet Injection.

1958 Connellsville PA
Here is the article in its entirety:

The Daily Courier
Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Tuesday, March 4, 1958
pg. 13

Four New Discoveries Mark Medical Advance
By Herman N. Bundesen, M.D.

THE advances that are made continually in medicine are really quite amazing, even to a doctor. That’s why I like to keep you informed, once each month, about what is new in the medical field.

Scientists have now developed a multiple dose jet injector which permits speedy administration of Salk polio vaccine in mass inoculation programs.

New Instrument
The new instrument, which has no needle, can inoculate patients as quickly as one every four to six seconds. The jet injection is relatively safe, although slight bleeding does occur in at least 10 per cent of those inoculated with the instrument.

It does away with the fear many patients have of a needle, and no sterilization is necessary.

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