Military Corpsmen Checked For Bleeders Following Jet Injections

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

May 21, 2016

U.S. Navy Medicine vol. 67, num. 12, Dec. 1976

In December 1976, the U.S. Navy Medicine newsletter ran a brief article for any military installments seeking to conduct mass jet injector vaccination campaigns to call-in a special team of corpsmen. The article, “Help Available For Mass Immunization Programs” put-out by the Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit No. 5., sheds light on the military’s mass jet injector vaccination campaigns. As noted in the article:

  • “Jet Injector guns can immunize up to 700 people each hour, so arrange the schedule to allow as many people as possible to participate each minute.”
  • In creating a vaccination line allow for a 10-foot space before and after the jet injector. Meaning the only persons in close proximity to the jet injector were the vaccinator and the vaccinee. Therefore to contest any naysayers, there was no other medical staff in the immediate vicinity to cleanse the nozzle of the jet gun.
  • 10-feet following the jet injection was a corpsman checking for any bleeders.

Herein is evidence from a trained jet injector team that immediately following jet injections there was the presence of blood. With blood present the risk of transmitting blood-borne pathogens, such as hepatitis C, was also present.

Here is the article in its entirety:
US Navy Medicine- Help Available For Mass Immunization Programs 1US Navy Medicine- Help Available For Mass Immunization Programs 2

This photograph from a military year book corroborates that corpsmen were positioned at the end of the vaccination line to check for bleeders.

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Company 208 – 1968

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