Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Part 1

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

May 21, 2016

Monday, August 2, 1999
Rockville, Maryland

In a conference room within the Food and Drug Administration complex, a panel of health experts evaluated the safety of jet injector devices. Robert Harrington, president of American Jet Injector and former president of Vernitron Medical Products (the former owner of the Ped-O-Jet), speaks-out from the audience:

MR. HARRINGTON: Not necessarily. It was used by the Army for 35 years and it [the jet injector nozzle] was always wiped. Never had an issue. Good tracking system. And there’s nothing recorded in the world that says that it wasn’t wiped. It’s in a study that was presented using a method that isn’t approved, it was not wiped and it said oh, we can contaminate 31 out of 100.
MR. ULATOWSKI: You want to come up to the mike? Because that’s not getting transcribed.
DR. EDMISTON: Do you want to do that again?
MR. HARRINGTON: Sure. What I’m saying to you is we believe that there are situations–the U.S. military for 35 years used the product appropriately. There was never an indicated transmission of hepatitis. Certainly they follow cases of hepatitis in the U.S. military.

Robert Harrington’s statement caused an uproar amongst veterans. These men and women of valor experienced vaccinations first-hand. Yet here the president of the company that manufactured and sold the devices, who was not present for any of these mass vaccination campaigns of soldiers, purports safety procedures were always followed. His arrogance is overwhelming. His claims maddening!

Veterans can easily remember his or her military jet injector vaccinations. Many recalled seeing blood either on the nozzle of the device, upon his or her arm or a comrade’s arm, or all of the above. At the time of injection many felt uneasy that safety procedures were being disregarded. Many believed the process was carried-out hastily with a reckless lack of care and attention. And all have never forgotten the experience.
Over time, military vaccinations had taken on a level of notoriety. The medical procedure became one of the many fixtures of a soldier’s military experience. Military year books even captured recruits receiving these “Shots” in numerous photographs within each book. The photographs were almost intended to be a humorous recollection to some sort of right-of-passage. These photographs now represent an invaluable asset into how jet injector vaccinations were actually administered.

In the previous series, Faulty Design Created Inherent Risks, we learned the design features of these devices created inherent faults that permitted cross-contamination of blood and blood-borne pathogens. Therefore, it may seem moot to discuss anything further. To the contrary! Remember, if the jet injector was administered at an angle the jet stream would lacerate the skin and cause bleeding. This raises pertinent questions, such as: If jet injector procedures were not followed would blood contamination be more likely and occur more frequently? Would the problem be exacerbated and perpetual? In this series we will examine the mass vaccination campaigns of soldiers and how improper vaccination techniques increased the risk of blood contamination.

Table of Contents

Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Part 2
Patient’s Arm Was Not Supported / Flesh Was Not Pulled Tight

Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Part 3
Nozzles Were Not Wiped: Vaccinators Held a Ped-O-Jet in Each Hand

Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Part 4
Nozzles Were Not Wiped: No Medical Supplies To Wipe Nozzle

Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Part 5
Jet Injector Held At Incorrect Angle

Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Part 6
Evidence of Incomplete Injections

Improper Military Jet Injector Vaccinations – Part 7

1970 MCRD San Diego Platoon 2099 shots

(Marine Corp. Recruit Training Depot San Diego Platoon 2099, 1970)

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