Invaluable Resources Demonstrate MUNJIs Are Inherently Unsafe—Thanks to Dr. Weniger

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

February 21, 2016

A government expert on public health repeatedly warned the public of the risks and hazards of jet injectors. During Dr. Bruce Weniger’s 15 years of service (1995-2010) as the Lead Researcher on Vaccine Technology within the CDC he collected all-things jet infector. He was known as Mr. Jet Injection. Much of the slides, documents, and studies advocates cite originated from the hands of Dr. Weniger. Here is yet another of his invaluable resources.

The Unintended Consequences of Vaccine Delivery Devices Used to Eradicate Smallpox: Lessons for Future Vaccination Methods, a study conducted by Weniger, Jones, and Chen (2008) has been previously reported. Yet missing all this time has been the poster presentation, which provides evidence of jet injector cross-contamination.

Weniger, Jones, & Chen Poster Presentation

Weniger, Jones, and Chen concluded that “iatrogenic transmission of hepatitis B is likely to have occurred as a result of the inherently unsafe design of multi-use-nozzle jet injectors (MUNJIs) such as the Ped-O-Jet®.”

Naysayers will quickly point-out that Weniger, Jones, and Chen’s conclusion specified hepatitis B and therefore these findings do not apply to hepatitis C which is a more heartier and less infectious virus. Let us not forget my interview with Dr. Peter Hoffman on the transmissibility rates of hepatitis C. Whether 10 picoliters or 100 picoliters these viruses are transmissible at microscopic levels not visible to the human eye. Therefore stating jet injectors can transmit hepatitis B but not hepatitis C is a very, very weak argument.

This information, so explicit and powerful, needs no further explanation.

Here is the poster presentation broken-up for easier viewing.

Slide 0 below

Slide 0


Slide 1 below

Slide 1

Slide 2 below

Slide 2

Slide 3 below

Slide 3
Slide 4 below

Slide 4

Slide 5 below

Slide 5
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Slide 6

Slide 7 below

Slide 7
Slide 8 below

Slide 8

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Slide 9
Slide 10 below

Slide 10

Slide 11 below

Slide 11

Slide 12 below

Slide 12
Slide 13 below

Slide 13

Slide 14 below

Slide 14.png

Slide 15 below

Slide 15

Slide 16 below

Slide 16
Slide 17 below

Slide 17
Slide 18 below

Slide 18

Slide 19 below

Slide 19
Slide 20 below

Slide 20
Slide 21 below

Slide 21
Slide 22 below

Slide 22

Slide 23 below

Slide 23

Slide 24 below

Slide 24
Slide 25 below

Slide 25
Slide 26 below

Slide 26

Slide 27 below

Slide 27

Slide 28 below

Slide 28

Slide 29 below

Slide 29

Slide 30 below

Slide 30

Slide 31 below

Slide 31
Slide 32 below

Slide 32
Slide 33 below

Slide 33

Slide 34 below

Slide 34

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