Faulty Design Created Inherent Risk – Part 1

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

January 17, 2016

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” wrote H.M. Darlow. In the British physician’s 1970 letter-to-the-editor of a medical journal, he cited the lack of epidemiological cases of viral hepatitis to uphold the safety and sterility of jet injection technology. Darlow was quick to ascertain his professional opinion despite the notable asymptomatic feature of viral hepatitis and the emergence of non-A non-B hepatitis during his time. Darlow, like others, was so caught-up in the infatuation and hype of jet injection devices that he refused to acknowledge the risks and hazards.

Since Darlow’s letter-to-the editor the medical community has made great strives. Physicians have identified HIV in 1980 and hepatitis C in 1989. The asymptomatic progression of viral hepatitis (i.e., HBV and HCV) is now understood to last 10 to 20 years. The transmissibility of viral hepatitis is understood to be in picolitres, or rather traces of blood that are invisible to the human eye. Further studies have assessed the safety and sterility of jet injectors and have found results contrary to Darlows. Moreover, the advent of the Internet has allowed access to medical and scientific journals to nonprofessionals. No longer are studies hidden in journals only accessible to the privy of the academic elite. Now the truth-seekers can and will unveil the truth.

The proof of the pudding is, in fact, in the eating. However for Darlow it appears his pudding was served too early. Research on the safety and sterility of jet injectors has shown otherwise. In this series we will review scientific studies that have found the faulty design of multiple-use nozzle jet injectors created inherent risks.


  • (Darlow, 1970) Darlow HM. Jet vaccination. British Medical Journal 4(734):554, 1970.

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