What Has Changed Within These Photos?

Jet Injectors = Jet Infectors

January 9, 2016

In attempting to create a collage of the military’s mass jet injector vaccinations, my mother, a Registered Nurse with over forty-years experience, noticed a peculiar change amidst the photographs. The jet injection procedures remained the same. Recruits and soldiers were still lined-up in a single line and expeditiously vaccinated with a shot in his or her upper arm. The same brand of jet injector was used up until the late 1990s. So what changed?

Jet Infectors collage

The vaccinators administering the vaccinations started wearing latex gloves and eventually protective eyewear.

The question arises: If blood was not present during these campaigns and there was not a risk of cross-contamination of blood and blood-borne pathogens as the VA purports than why such a change in safety protocol?

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